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Tennessee Valley Energy Consumer Group

Last Update December 11, 2023


The goal of the Tennessee Valley Energy Consumer Group or TVECG is a reliable supply of electric power at the lowest possible electric rates. Electric power is a necessity of modern life for consumers, small business, and large industry. Electric power costs are a major budget item for both families and businesses. As demonstrated in Texas, and more recently in the Tennessee Valley, there are expensive and disruptive consequences for power interruptions during weather extremes. Until recent years, electric power service in the Tennessee Valley region has been both extremely reliable and among the lowest cost in the nation and TVA seemed to be focused on consumer interests. However, current events have served a wakeup call that we should take action to advocate for consumer interests.

Breaking News! TVA is moving forward with an ambitious $15 billion capital budget funding new plant construction based on projections of significant and sustained energy sales growth. While TVECG is in agreement with projections of economic growth in the TVA region, this does not necessarily result in growth of TVA energy sales. TVA is at risk of driving up electric rates in the face of declining sales as the higher rates give consumers incentive for energy efficiency and solar applications. Please review and comment on our draft paper TVA_Energy_Report.

TVECG will be conducting model runs of consumer price elasticity response and TVA system response to the various load growth and load shape scenarios, pending adequate participation and funding.

We are following the 2024 TVA IRP studies and submitting our comments. See http://www.tva.com/irp for TVA info. TVECG is conducting our own energy planning study of the TVA region using the PowrSym model. The objective function of our studies is measured from the consumer point of view, not the power company management objectives which may be different. The TVECG studies are risk based considering the uncertainties of plant performance, plant cost, fuel availability, fuel cost, and weather extremes.

TVECG studies are open collaborative studies with all stakeholders invited to participate. All results, data, assumptions, and model procedures will be transparent. Stakeholder participation can range from review and comment, to suggesting study scenarios, to actual participation in model runs through remote access to our servers. We are making detailed computer model studies of various future options for TVA. Click on the Join TVECG link to sign on as a participant. We encourage a large group with diverse viewpoints. Please note that the strength of our voice depends upon our participants, please join us and add your voice.

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